Sun Care & Bronzers (Face)

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Transform pale skin into a beautifully beach bronzed complexion overnight! You can be sporting the most striking beach tan 24/7! Jewlzie brings you the best in sun care & bronzers enriched with natural organic minerals and the largest SPF selection anywhere. UVA and UVB rays can take a toll on unprotected skin. Let our nourishing, anti aging SPF creams, milks, oils, serums, sunscreens, sunblocks, and sprays act as a face shield to block out harmful contaminants while allowing your skin to tan safely and attractively. We also carry after sun repair products such as hydrating creams, lotions, gels, tan boosters and illuminators. These moisture creams provide soothing relief and maintenance enriched with vitamins and cooling agents. The primers we offer are vital in combating excess oil, pores, dark spots, and fine lines, while preparing skin for even make up application. This process creates for a flawless and smoother skin appearance.

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