Masks & Exfoliators

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Forget spending hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars on expensive facial peels and lasers. Jewlzie brings you the finest revitalizing masks, gentle exfoliators, cleansers, creams, and scrubs. Rejuvenating face and neck improvement active scrubs are sure to delicately yet intensely smooth away dead skin and reveal brighter, more hydrated even toned skin. Our microdermabrasion formulas can dramatically resurface more youthful texture, look, and feel using micro polishing crystals. These luxurious scrubs act effectively by reducing the appearance of large pores, signs of aging, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Not to mention, our outrageously useful enzyme peels which also increase circulation while purifying and nourishing skin. Our herbal clay beauty masques also act as a catalyst in achieving smoother, healthier skin’s appearance as well as making use of key anti blemish formulas which help clear acne and breakouts from the moment of pre-production. Jewlzie offers you a fierce selection of cleansing, lifting, renewing masks, scrubs and polishes with the guarantee of looking fabulous!

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