Dental Care

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Oral hygiene is a necessary part of our daily routine. Let Jewlzie help maximize your confidence with our refreshing and non abrasive flavored toothpastes, cutting edge whitening systems, and on the go refreshers. The Supersmile line brings you professional whitening toothpastes to eliminate dark stains and spots caused by caffeinated beverages, red wine and tobacco. Flavors available are regular, cinnamon, green apple, icy mint, and mandarin mint. We also carry the miraculous on the go Quikee instant whitening polish which is an advanced teeth whitening treatment that instantly removes stains as it freshens breath and restores tooth enamel. Marvis one of a kind ginger mint toothpaste is also a colorful and unique teeth cleanser infused with spicy ginger and cool peppermint leaving skin clean and protected.

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