Cleansers & Toners

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Cleansing your skin is the first and last basic part of your skincare regimen on a day to day basis. Various impurities we come in contact with daily can affect our skin in a negative capacity via acne breakouts. Our skin naturally produces oils which can also clog our pores and contribute to blemishes. In making use of Jewlzie’s various rich cleansing bars, milks, foams, gels and toners we can achieve clearer, hydrated more splendid looking skin. Our gentle foam cleansers and gels for sensitive skin are infused with vitamins A, C, E, herbal botanicals such as green tea, cucumber, ginseng, chamomile, rosemary, hazelnut, olive oil extracts and more. We also carry resurfacing cleansers to significantly improve appearance, as well as all in one toners, makeup removers, (even specifically for those wearing contact lenses), tan extending cleansing gel, and spotless cleansers which prevent breakouts via salicylic acid. The cleansers we carry are formulated by noteworthy, remarkable skincare brands and specialists, all of which vigorously strive for skin excellence!

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