Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

As one of the world's leading lifestyle brands, Calvin Klein is renowned for its streamlined style. Everything the label creates becomes a timeless classic. Their award-winning fragrances are no exception. With an array of famous scents that continue to redefine the world of perfume, the uncomplicated offerings exuding effortlessness which have become beauty icons in both sight and smell. The first to introduce us to unisex scents, CK is always one scent ahead of the competition.

Quoted as saying "…we stand for being modern, contemporary, sophisticated, pure, natural and often minimal. Consistent. And, we stand for sex in a very big way. We are a brand that can affect youth and people of any age." The undeniable allure of Calvin Klein fragrances and beauty products knows no bounds. Pushes all envelops and still manages to inspire throngs of up and coming stylists and trends.

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